VineyardFresh vs Coravin - Which is the Better Wine Preserver for Your Business?

VineyardFresh vs Coravin - Which is the Better Wine Preserver for Your Business?

Before comparing VineyardFresh and Coravin for on premise wine preservation, let's set some basic facts to set the stage. Specifically, that: 

With the above facts established, now let's compare two of the most effective argon based preservation methods: VineyardFresh and Coravin. How do these two stack up?

How do VineyardFresh and Coravin Compare?

What are all the factors to consider when comparing the two wine preservation methods? Here are the different criteria you can use to judge:

Criteria VineyardFresh Coravin Notes
Preservation Method / Technology 100% Argon 100% Argon Both use the same / most effective preservation method - 100% Argon
Ease of Use Simple More Challenging Coravin requires familiarity and practice with the device and components (both needles and cartridges) before proficiency
Speed of Use Fast Slower Coravin requires more wait staff time to sleeve the bottle, pierce the cork, and pour the wine for each glass poured
Cost to Use Very Low ($0.10 per bottle saved) Moderate / High (approx $1.80 per bottle saved) The Coravin device costs $150+, plus argon capsules $6 (see cost comparison)
Ongoing Maintenance None Detailed Coravin requires maintenance and replacement of needles, bottle sleeves, capsules
Cost / Risk to Trial None Moderate Coravin requires you to buy the device ($150-$800) before you trial


Coravin vs VineyardFresh Wine Preserver - Which is Better For Your Business?

Which is Better for On Premise Use?

We believe that VineyardFresh Wine Preserver is the better way to preserve open bottles of wine in On Premise environments. Why?

You can increase your wine revenue through expanded wine by the glass programs (by expanded offerings in both more variety and higher price points), full bottle wine sales, and new and innovative wine promotional opportunities. And you can enable this without having to invest significant capital in a cabinet or device, and without slowing down your critical wait staff by requiring more labor intensive usage with more complicated operating procedures, routine maintenance, and required operating supplies.

For fast paced restaurant, club, wine bar, and tasting room environments, the faster and easier to use option is the VineyardFresh Wine Preserver.

When Does Using a Coravin Make Sense?

We believe there is a business case for using Coravin in an On Premise environment. Specifically, when you need to pour infrequently sold glasses of wine from very high end bottles. The Coravin is a great way to access special bottles without pulling the cork, allowing you to keep the "open" bottle in your cellar and corked tight until the next pour that might be weeks or months later

The Coravin is a very effective tool in this scenario. But, when you want to use 100% argon to preserve multiple open bottles, and you need operating and labor efficiency to access multiple bottles quickly and easily, nothing beats argon canisters for efficiency and low cost to execute.

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