How to Preserve Open Bottles of Wine On Premise

How to Preserve Open Bottles of Wine On Premise

I'm presuming you already know "Why 100% Argon is the Best Wine Preserver for On Premise", and then what the "Different Types of Wine Preservers for On Premise Operators", and even "Why Vacuum Pumps Suck." 

As a result, you made the smart decision to trial a wine preserver in your business as a way to increase wine revenue, increase customer loyalty, reduce waste, and do it all with an effective, cost efficient, and easy to use wine preservation method - VineyardFresh Wine Preserver.

So now, we'll operationalize the decision and show you how to actually use VineyardFresh in your operation.

How to Preserve Open Bottles if Wine in a Restaurant, Wine Bar, or other On Premise Location

Your open bottles of wine can be preserved by following these simple steps:

  1. Pour great tasting glasses of wine for your wine customers throughout the day and evening. Increase wine revenue with higher price points of wines by the glass!
  2. Grab a can of VineyardFresh Wine Preserver (or a Coravin, if that's how you roll)
  3. Point the nozzle into the neck of the bottle
  4. Press and release the nozzle twice to create two bursts of 1-2 seconds each. This puts the colorless, odorless, tasteless, 100% food grade argon into the bottle. 
  5. That's it... (here's a graphic from our sister brand Silvadore): How to Use Silvadore at Your Business
  6. Leisurely re-cork the bottle - no special stopper required. Argon is heavier than air and settles onto the top of the wine to form a protective layer.  The layer of argon creates a neutral barrier between the wine and the oxygen in the bottle, and remains effective until the next pour. 
  7. Store the bottle upright, in a cool dry place

When a customer orders that wine by the glass again, reopen the bottle, pour another fresh tasting glass of wine, and re-spray the bottle. Done.

That's all you need to know. Simple, inexpensive, effective.

 The Science Behind Silvadore Wine Preserver

Try VineyardFresh Wine Preserver Today

Try using a 100% Argon wine preserver like VineyardFresh to make your guests' wine experience better and your wine revenue increase! Expand your wine-by-the-glass offering without risking wine waste, and see how you can increase your average price per glass served AND increase the number of glasses served.

All without committing to a large capital investment, and with a method that delivers 100% argon easily, quickly, and efficiently. Your wait staff and bartenders will appreciate the ease of use and increased tip income from selling more and better quality wine! 

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