VineyardFresh for On Premise

Serve better tasting wine to your customers, ensuring a top quality experience and repeat business. Expand the choices your customers can enjoy - including more varieties, higher price points, and promotional offerings linked to holidays, themes, or wine inventory reduction.

Use VineyardFresh Wine Preserver in your On Premise operations to increase wine revenue, increase margins, reduce waste, and increase guest satisfaction!

(Skeptical? Check out our article Selling More Wine, including actual wine revenue increase from a mid-tier hotel property)

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On Premise Benefits from Wine Preservation

We know that running a restaurant is really tough. Even more so post pandemic and during inflationary times. Among the challenges are labor shortages, labor costs, higher operating expenses, and higher cost of goods sold.

But what if there was a tool that helped increase revenue, avoid waste, and yet was low cost and required very little time or effort to implement? Sounds good, right?

Well, using a wine preserver - and specifically an argon wine preserver - does all that with no capital expense. How? By using VineyardFresh to preserve open bottles of wine, you can:

  • Sell Better Quality Glasses of Wine. By eliminating risk of waste / bottle dumps, you can offer higher priced wines by the glass. If current max glass is $15, offer $18 and $22 options. You can extend the fresh taste of higher end bottles for two weeks or more.
  • Sell More Glasses of Wine. By offering more varieties and more price points, you will sell more glasses of wine.
  • Increase Full Bottle Sales. By using VineyardFresh wine preserver and VineyardFresh compliant take home bags, your wait staff will have more tools to upsell customers from glasses to full bottle sales.
  • Improve Wine Inventory Management. Gain the ability to put bottles in inventory that you want to move on to your glass list, without worry that the bottle will go bad if not sold out on a single night.

To read more about increasing wine revenue and profits by using an argon wine preserver, check out our article "Selling More Wine by using VineyardFresh."

Is VineyardFresh Effective?

In order to accomplish all of the above, we need to know that using a 100% argon wine preserver, like VineyardFresh, actually works. We know VineyardFresh is effective because of science - specifically chemistry and physics.
  • 100% argon is Best Wine Preservation Method. We use science to describe how argon works, and why it's the best method to stop oxidation of your wine. See our article on Silvadore Brands Why 100% Argon is the Best Wine Preserver for Your Business.
  • VineyardFresh is Proven Through Testing. We weren't satisfied with just science. We wanted proof. So, we put VineyardFresh to the test using a spectrometer. We evaluated turbidity - a measure of oxidation of the wine - to show how argon stops the process of oxidation.
  • Conduct Your Own Trial. Nothing beats seeing results first hand, at your restaurant and with your customers. So, run a trial and measure the wine revenue increase you can achieve by using VineyardFresh. Check out our article on How to Conduct a Trial of Wine Preservation in Your Business.

Why VineyardFresh vs Others?

  • The Top Wine Preservers. Although there are many "wine preservers" on the market, 100% argon based wine preservation is widely recognized as the best method to preserve wine and stop oxidation. See "How VineyardFresh Preserves Open Bottles of Wine."
  • VineyardFresh is Better Due to Cost, Speed, Ease of Use. For fast paced restaurant environments, nothing beats argon in a canister for low cost and ease of use. By avoiding capital expense or costly devices, VineyardFresh enables you to begin increasing wine revenue today. See our article "The Top Ways to Preserve Wine"
  • VineyardFresh vs Coravin. Isn't Coravin the best wine preserver? Although widely marketed and with strong name recognition, Coravin uses the same preservation method as VineyardFresh - 100% argon. Coravin has a place and is a great device, but we don't think it works well in a fast paced on premise environment. See our article "VineyardFresh vs Coravin - Which is the Better Wine Preserver for Your Business?"
VineyardFresh vs Coravin - Which is the Better Wine Preserver for Your Business?

    Wine Revenue Increase by Using VineyardFresh

    You can increase your wine revenue by using a wine preserver in your operation. There are two areas of wine revenue growth - your wine by the glass program, and your full bottle take home program. VineyardFresh enables you to grow wine revenue in both areas without risking money from dumping bad wine.

    We have the receipts.

    A mid-tier hotel property tested the effectiveness of implementing wine preservation across their site. Using VineyardFresh, they increased the variety and increased the price points of wines offered by the glass.

    It only took a few weeks to prove the results:

    • Increase in glasses poured. This property went from serving 17 to 27 glasses per day
    • Increase price per glass. And, they increased average glass price from $9.76 to $11.07 per glass

    The result was an 83% increase in wine revenue from using VineyardFresh to expand their wine by the glass program!

    The second area to grow wine revenue by using preservation is in full bottle sales. When combined with a state law compliant take home bag, using a wine preserver like VineyardFresh gives your staff the confidence to sell wine customers a better quality or a second (third) bottle of wine. The staff can assure customers that they'll enjoy the fresh taste of the entire bottle, even after they take it home, because the bottle will be preserved with VineyardFresh before they leave.

    How to Try VineyardFresh Wine Preserver

    • Still skeptical? Conduct a trial of using wine preservation in your establishment with your customers. It isn't difficult or expensive. And you'll likely be very pleased with the results.
    • Want free trial product? There's no risk to you whatsoever. Just contact us for a free On Premise Sample Kit (limit one per customer).

    How to Get VineyardFresh

    • Open a Wholesale Account. You can buy directly from VineyardFresh and get great wholesale pricing, service, and support. Go here to open an account.
    • Through your current wine distributor. Pick up a case of VineyardFresh On Premise cans from your current wine distributor. If they don't carry VineyardFresh, ask them to pick it up. Or, contact us and we'll contact them.
    • Through your current Foodservice Distributor. VineyardFresh is available from large foodservice distributors you may already use, including Sysco, Food Innovations, Gordon Foodservice, and US Foods.