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About Us - the VineyardFresh Story

You've heard about ideas that were hatched from scratch and written on the back of a napkin. Well this is one is one of them. David Hall’s business background has long been in the aerosol business and he let his knowledge and expertise in the industrial world flow into potential consumer applications.

Dave, a graduate of Michigan State University, through experience and observation, happened upon the frequent problem experienced by so many people of wine going bad due to oxidation. He had and saw bad wine being served at restaurants, an all too frequent occurrence, as well as periodic experiences at home.   He went to work and with his knowledge of aerosols and gases and recognized the ideal solution to the problem, 100% argon gas, and VineyardFresh was born.

The VineyardFresh Can as it is today!The Original VineyardFresh Can

The original VineyardFresh canister was similar to what it is today. A recyclable aluminum canister, however, today there is no straw (not needed) and a newer, contemporary, and artsy graphic that depicts how to use VineyardFresh. Now, there are three sizes including a larger institutional version for cost effective use in restaurants or anywhere wine by the glass may be poured. We also have a new consumer travel size for the person on the go (i.e. picnics, camping, boating) and/or gift baskets.

  • We are a market leader in the growing world of quality wine preservation.
  • A simple and appealing wine preservation option that uses 100% argon gas that anyone can afford.
  • We want to help our customers enjoy more wine. After all that is what people want, whether dining or drinking in or out, the ability to enjoy more wine more often and of a greater variety.
  • For the retail and/or restaurant trade, we want to help them to profitably sell more wine and assure wine quality and customer satisfaction.
  • Although it is what we do, it’s not about saving wine, it’s the fact you can drink whatever you want, whenever you want (because you can save).
  • VineyardFresh is Made in USA with operations in Northeast Ohio and Michigan.
  • In Business 10+ years with distribution reach throughout the United States and now abroad.
  • VineyardFresh has had 10 years of capable online selling, however, we are really committed to you, our customers, to work hard to improve your shopping experience with VineyardFresh.


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    VineyardFresh Mission Statement

    To help the wine industry profitably sell their products while helping consumers open and enjoy more wine more frequently. Offer a quality product with exceptional customer service, delivering 100% customer satisfaction. Our passion is to create value for our customers and stakeholders by being accountable in our leadership, integrity, and quality. Our values are measured in our respect for the environment, our pride in our employees, and exceeding our customer’s expectations.