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About Us - the VineyardFresh Story

The Origin of VineyardFresh

You've heard about ideas that were hatched from scratch and written on the back of a napkin. Well this is one is one of them. The original founder of VineyardFresh was David Hall. Dave's background was in the aerosol business and he used his knowledge and expertise in the industrial world flow into an exciting consumer application.

A graduate of Michigan State University, Dave observed the frequent problem experienced by so many people of wine going bad due to oxidation. He saw and was served bad tasting wine at restaurants - an all too frequent occurrence. And, at home, he had the same experience with wine taste going bad. He went to work and with his experience with aerosols and gases, he recognized the ideal solution - 100% argon gas. VineyardFresh was born in 1999.

The Progression of VineyardFresh Wine Preserver

The original VineyardFresh canister was similar shaped to what it is today. It was a recyclable aluminum canister, but had an awkward nozzle and straw attachment to get VineyardFresh into the open bottle of wine. Today, the wasp spray looking straw is long gone. It was replaced with a newer, contemporary actuator and improved can graphics that depict how to use VineyardFresh. In addition, a second / larger size can was designed and manufactured for institutions and restaurants. The larger can became a very cost effective product for use in restaurants or anywhere wine by the glass is served.

Recent Developments at VineyardFresh

Fast forward to July of 2023, and VineyardFresh was acquired by Silvadore Brands, another wine preservation company. Silvadore Brands is thrilled to now include VineyardFresh in its portfolio of wine preservation products.

Together, VineyardFresh and Silvadore can help more consumers and more restaurants serve and enjoy better tasting wine and increase wine revenue. You can trust VineyardFresh and Silvadore because we're:

  • A market leader in effective and affordable wine preservation for home and on premise
  • A simple and appealing wine preservation option that uses 100% argon gas that anyone can afford
  • Helping customers enjoy better tasting wine
  • Helping the retail and restaurant trades profitably sell more wine and ensuring they're serving great tasting wine
  • Made in the U.S. Both VineyardFresh and Silvadore are Made in USA with operations in Northeast Ohio and Western PA
  • Continuously operating since 1999, with distribution reach throughout the United States


Want to know more about Silvadore Brands? Check out the Silvadore Brands About Us page.

About Us - VineyardFresh Owners Jim and Gary

VineyardFresh Owners Jim and Gary

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