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Take Home Tamper Proof Wine Bags - For "Wine to Go" Programs (Pack of 20ea)

Take Home Tamper Proof Wine Bags - For "Wine to Go" Programs (Pack of 20ea)

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VineyardFresh Tamper-Proof Wine Bags - part of the VineyardFresh Wine Preservation System and Wine to Go

Developed to adhere to state laws where "Merlot to Go" or recorking is allowed, the tamper-proof bag displays "Void" when opened, providing proper protection for both restaurants and customers. To build customer confidence, provide a couple of bursts of VineyardFresh Wine Preserver tableside when you bag the bottle as a service to your customers.

Make sure your customers are leaving your restaurant with freshly preserved wine in a high quality, upscale and discreet take home Tamper-Proof Wine Bag for wine to go. 

  • Conforms with state wine re-corking laws (See our "Merlot to Go" guide to state laws)
  • Special tamper-proof seal - VOID appears when seal is broken
  • Transparent window on the side for states that require a transparent bag
  • Elegant design and rich/soft feel - makes your customers feel special
  • Be sure to treat the open wine bottle with VineyardFresh Wine Preserver before you bag the wine! Make your customer's next glass as fresh as their first, and increase customer loyalty
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