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VineyardFresh Wine Preserver | 100% Argon Wine Preserver Spray | On Premise Size Can

VineyardFresh Wine Preserver | 100% Argon Wine Preserver Spray | On Premise Size Can

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VineyardFresh is the best wine preserver to protect the fresh taste of opened bottles of wine in your On Premise operation. VineyardFresh's 100% argon formula stops oxidation, extending the life of open bottles for up to two weeks or more. By using VineyardFresh in your on premise operation, you can increase wine revenue, ensure high quality taste experiences, and eliminate waste from wine dumps.

Increase Wine Revenue

VineyardFresh Wine Preserver protects the fresh taste of opened bottles of red wine. This critical capability allows restaurants, wine bars, country clubs - anywhere wine is served by the glass - to safely and profitably expand wine by the glass programs. Instead of restricting wine revenue through a small "by the glass" list, you can now safely expand to better quality and higher priced glass offerings.

Increase your restaurant wine revenue by marketing better quality, higher priced, and new varieties of wines by the glass, without the fear of having to dump oxidized wine that didn't sell the day you opened the bottle. VineyardFresh wine preserver's 100% argon formula stops oxidation in open bottles of wine, extending the life of open bottles for up to two weeks or more.

Read about our real live test in a mid-tier hotel, where they increased their wine revenue by over 80% by implementing VineyardFresh across this property

Key Benefits of VineyardFresh Wine Preserver

  • SERVE CUSTOMERS BETTER TASTING WINE: as soon as you open a bottle of red wine, taste begins to degrade due to oxidation. Preserving wine flavor allows you to pour a fresh glass of wine every time. Pour another glass from the bottle days or weeks later and the customer will enjoy a fresh tasting glass. 100% argon wine preservers are more effective - and easier to use - than other methods like vacuum, barriers, and complicated (and expensive) devices.
  • EXTEND THE LIFE OF OPEN BOTTLES OF WINE: you don't have to serve the entire bottle in a single shift, or risk dumping it out. Preserve open bottles behind the bar and confidently pour the wine again days or weeks later. Market better tasting wine on your terms. Add that nice bottle to your by-the-glass offering because you're not worried about it going bad. 100% argon VineyardFresh maintains fresh taste better and longer than other methods, and is the method of choice for high end wineries, restaurants, and even wine producers.
  • SELL BETTER QUALITY WINE: knowing you can preserve open bottles, you can add more varieties and higher priced wines to your by-the-glass list. From our experience with on premise accounts, you'll be able to seel more glasses - and higher priced glasses - every day.
  • STOP WASTING GOOD WINE: No one likes dumping "old" wine down the drain. It's a waste, it costs you money, and it's sad - especially if it was a nice bottle of wine. Instead, serve fresh pours from any bottle any time you want, with the last glass tasting as fresh as the first. Make pouring wine down the drain a thing of the past.

    Try VineyardFresh in Your Restaurant, Club, Wine Bar

    We're so confident you'll see immediate results by using VineyardFresh, we're offering a free On Premise Sample Kit for you to try. And check out our article on How to Trial a Wine Preserver in your business to set up a rigorous side-by-side test.

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