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Welcome to VineyardFresh

We appreciate our relationship with Sysco Central Warehouse and Sysco Supplies on the Fly drop ship programs. Your customers are important to us, and you are important to us. Our goal is to help you sell valuable products that benefit your customers (and you).

You May Already Sell VineyardFresh Products

You may be here because your customers are already ordering VineyardFresh wine preserver or VineyardFresh wine bags. Both of these items help restaurants, wineries, wine bars, and private clubs serve their customers better tasting wine.

  • Serve better tasting wine by preserving the fresh taste of open bottles of wine
  • Increase wine revenue by safely expanding wine by the glass and full bottle take home programs
  • Eliminate waste from dumping out "wine gone bad" - preserving margins and improving profitability

Grow Your Sales with Cross Sell Opportunities

A great opportunity for you to grow sales is to cross sell complimentary VineyardFresh products. Both the wine preserver and the wine bags compliment each other and can help your accounts grow revenue.

  • If your customer is ordering wine preserver. This customer is already aware of the benefits of argon wine preservation and is using VineyardFresh to protect their open bottles of wine. A key opportunity for accounts like this is to help them increase this full bottle sales by supplying state law compliant wine bottle take home bags. With these bags, your customer's patron can order a full bottle of wine, knowing they can take home any unused portion and enjoy great tasting wine on another occasion.
  • If your customer is ordering wine bags. This customer is already selling full bottles, and enjoying the benefits of our state law compliant take home bag. There are two opportunities to help this account. First, are they preserving open bottles before their customer takes it home? If not, the bottle's flavor is beginning to degrade as soon as they leave the restaurant. They can use VineyardFresh Wine Preserver to protect the bottle's flavor as they pack it up for "to go."  The Second opportunity is are they also serving wine by the glass? If so, they can reduce waste and grow wine revenue by using VineyardFresh Wine Preserver to protect the fresh taste of their open bottles of wine at end of shift. And, they can safely expand their wine by the glass program to include more varieties and higher price points.

Help Your Customer Increase Revenue

VineyardFresh is one of those unique products that both reduces waste and increases revenue. You can help your customer increase their wine revenue through two main strategies:

  • Safely Expand Their Wine by the Glass Program. This is a great way for your account to increase wine revenue, and VineyardFresh Wine Preserver enables it. VineyardFresh was evaluated by a mid-tier hotel chain location to expand their wine by the glass offering. The results? They sold more glasses (from 17 to 27 per day) and higher priced glasses (from $9.17 to $11.07 average per glass) - increasing wine revenue by 83%!
  • Increase Full Bottle Sales. By preserving the bottle before they leave, and using state law compliant wine bags, your customer can confidently upsell their patrons to more full bottle sales.

Why VineyardFresh

  • It's effective. Argon is an effective wine preservation method, with test results to prove it.
  • It's low cost. VineyardFresh is a low cost enabler to wine revenue growth
  • It's a consumable. Once your account sees the results from using wine preservation and wine bags, both items become part of standard operating procedures and a consumable supply that needs to be reordered.
  • It's available in Sysco's system. Placing an order for VineyardFresh items in your ordering system is easy and already available. See below for details.

Sysco SUPCs for VineyardFresh Products

The VineyardFresh Wine Preserver and VineyardFresh Wine Bags are in the Sysco systems and available for sale. Here's the details:

  • VineyardFresh On Premise Wine Preserver. Full case of 6 canisters, Sysco SUPC 7926004

  • VineyardFresh Wine Bottle Take Home Bags. Sold in boxes of 20 bags, Sysco SUPC 7922398

Questions or Comments?

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