How Vineyard Fresh Protects Your Wine

Simply spray 2 quick bursts of VineyardFresh into a leftover bottle of wine, and VineyardFresh will create a protective barrier between the air and the remaining wine left in the bottle, preventing the process of oxidation. VineyardFresh will naturally keep your wine fresh for weeks without affecting the taste, aroma or character of the wine.

VineyardFresh works through a simple combination of chemistry and physics. Don't worry, it's not too hard to understand!



VineyardFresh is 100% Argon, an inert gas that is heavier than oxygen and will not/can not interact with wine. Argon is non-metallic, colorless, odorless, tasteless.  Argon is naturally found in the air we breathe. 

With an atomic mass of 39.948 g/mol, Argon is heavier than air, which has an atomic mass of 28.97g/mol (the majority of air consists of diatomic Nitrogen and diatomic Oxygen). 




The heavier gas will displace the lighter gas, laying a protective blanket on top of the wine. 100% Argon settles below the oxygen in the bottle and creates a harmless barrier between the wine and the oxygen, preventing the oxygen from spoiling the wine.

The result is a product that, through independent product testing, keeps wine fresh 2 weeks or longer.


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