Why should I preserve my open bottle of wine? What are my choices?

Still not sure about the question “do I need to preserve?”  We suggest you reconsider your thinking. Think of preservation as a positive thing, and that it is your own secret weapon. The issue is that most people do not realize or think of preservation as a consideration.

If they did, people would drink differently and actually all for the good. Probably drink a variety more often and drink better wines. I drink a better bottle of red wine regularly (my wife drinks whites), and have the freedom to enjoy it over time.

For example, a host/hostess would and could open and serve a greater variety of wines, knowing they would all be in great future condition even if not drunk immediately.

How does one do it?  Now for the options:

Gas preservation - Since it is my product, you can guess I use it. VineyardFresh is 100% argon gas. There are other gas product/systems on the market. These products separate the oxygen away from the wine.


Vacuum products – these are preservation products that work to extract the oxygen from the bottle, reducing oxidation.

Solid separation – these are products that, unlike gas, are visible and work to create a solid barrier between the wine and oxygen.

Refrigeration – this is usually the most readily available and simplest means of preservation. It helps by slowing down oxidation.

We’ll cover the details of these four methods in a separate blog.

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