How do I love thee (100% Argon) .. let me count the ways (revisited)

This is worth replaying ...... with the development of one of our competitors products, Coravin and their promotional efforts, they are helping open some eyes on to wine preservation using 100%argon.

We just happen to be an economical way that anyone can afford to take advantage of the process.  We would just like to emphasize the reasons why 100% argon is better than any other.

Why is using 100% argon gas so favorable? We love counting the ways… here are our top four:

1. Science – Understanding how 100% argon gas actually preserves wine is simple physics and chemistry.

Argon is an inert noble gas (tasteless, odorless, colorless, and harmless), and is heavy relative to air. Therefore, it’s able to create a vapor barrier that can keeps oxygen away from the wine. No mystery or magic. Having a logical understanding is important. 

2. Efficacy – The primary reason for using preservation is to actually preserve the wine.  Due to the points made above, 100% argon gas performs on its own. It actually works as an anti oxidizer and thus works on any liquid in a bottle/container (i.e. specialty oils/vinegars and spirits).

3. Ease of use – All you need to do is get 100% argon gas in to the bottle. Its inherent qualities (i.e. the science above) will naturally do the rest of the work.  VineyardFresh provides a portable and simple means to do so anywhere, anytime and anyplace.

4. Value – Since only a small amount of argon is needed to protect and preserve wine (or other liquid) in a bottle, it has a very high value to cost ratio. Using VineyardFresh as an example, based on an average retail price of $12.50. It would cost 25 cents or less to save a bottle. Consider that even a modestly priced $9.99 bottle, if half full, would be worth $5.00 … your choice, save for another day or not!

Education and knowledge is of key importance. We encourage you to do your own research for your own comfort and trust. As a wine drinker, experience first hand. Wine preservation is a means to save, but more importantly as a means to enjoy more wine (because you can save). You will find wonderful value in your freedom to enjoy whatever you want whenever you want, with no worry about waste. 

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