How do I know when my can of VineyardFresh is empty?

Great question! Since Argon is a gas, your can of VineyardFresh will feel super light and "airy" the first day you receive it. But - don't worry. If you go to spray the argon wine preserver into your open bottle of red wine, and you hear the "phfft phfft" - you're good!

The "phfft phfft" sound is the 100% argon gas wine preserver gliding gently on top of that nice bottle of red wine you just opened, blanketing the top of the wine with a cuddly protective layer that keeps your wine fresh.

BUT...if you go to spray VineyardFresh into your wine and don't hear anything.....don't panic! It is time to buy a new can of VineyardFresh. Like right now. And in the meantime, you may just have to finish off that open bottle in the next few hours. (Our delivery isn't that fast.)

Click on the image below to order a new can of VineyardFresh RIGHT NOW:

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