Wine Preservation? Why would I need that? I drink the whole bottle!

Wine Preservation? Why would I need that? I drink the whole bottle!

One past holiday season, Gary wrote an article for a Wine Club newsletter. It's still relevant today, and certainly applies all year long. It's all in good fun, but it does speak to a common response when we talk about VineyardFresh Wine Preserver. 

Have a read...

"Well, before you get your “game on”, you may want to think twice before speaking with a little too much bravado. Holidays are here and so is the season to entertain. The best thing you can do for yourself is ENJOY your wine consumption.  Whether it is modest or significant, the key is for you and your friends and family to be enjoying the experience.

Therefore consider why quality wine preservation makes sense. Maybe you do finish the bottle, but you want to have a second or third bottle. Possibly you are by yourself and you would just simply like a nice glass or two or you live in a split household with one drinker preferring reds and the other whites (or even beer). Knowing you can preserve your wine, gives yourself permission to open and consume whatever volume of wine you would like knowing you can save it without going to waste or having any change in quality.

When having a party or a family gathering, open up as many bottles of reds and whites as you would like and simply preserve open bottles once the evening concludes. Having them around for another day in the future means you get to enjoy them more than once.   

Special opportunities abound with wine products people often do not even think of (or even consider opening). Vintage ports, vermouth, ice wine, sake or dessert wines are good examples. These are enjoyed in smaller quantities and often not open until an assurance of enough people are around to enjoy it. Why not enjoy it now ….you deserve it!

There are two primary methods of wine preservation. Vacuuming, which usually incorporates a hand pump. And gas preservation, which relies on the physical properties of gas(es) to limit/prevent oxidation. Check out our articles on The Top Ways to Preserve Wine, How VineyardFresh Preserves Open Bottles of Wine, and Why VineyardFresh is the Best Wine Preservation Option.

Most important is that you drink responsibly and not drink and drive while celebrating the holidays."

Gary G

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