Need a Wine Gift Idea? Look no further...

Unique Wine Gift Idea - VineyardFresh Wine PreserverHave you ever gotten something that you were dying to try but you just could not convince yourself to spend the money and test it out? Remember the joy and excitement of having it given to you? Well now is your chance to create that experience for that someone else to enjoy. One of the great gifts for wine lovers, VineyardFresh, 100% argon wine preserver is a unique wine gift idea for this holiday season. Great as a hostess gift to take with a bottle of wine, one of those gifts for the wine lover that they may not know about. Bring something new and different. The best part is they get to use it right away. Wonderful stocking stuffer for that wine guy or wine gal in your household making it one of the Christmas gifts for wine lovers that will never be forgotten. For those looking for wine lovers gifts, the perfect Surprise Santa or office exchange gift. Being a non-alcoholic item, it is something that even the youngest of Santas can afford to buy and place under the tree for mom or dad or even grandma or grandpa.

Need a wine gift idea for a client?

Clients that enjoy wine? This is one of the best gifts for the wine lover. Gift VineyardFresh with or without a bottle of wine.

Putting together a wine gift basket?

Wine basket gift ideas should always include a canister of VineyardFresh. VineyardFresh presents itself as something new, unique and different. It takes up space and the attractive appearance makes it the best gift for wine lovers.

An Affordable Wine Gift Idea!

At a retail price of $15.00 ($29.95 for two, plus s&h), VineyardFresh is an affordable, yet fully appreciated gift. The pricing is usually well within the threshold of most companies’ gift giving maximums. For a more significant gift, where appropriate and/or desired, add your favorite bottle or bottles of wine. A wonderful opportunity to create your own gift of a wine tasting. Hope this provides you with the wine lovers gift ideas that you need.

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