Cold Weather Wine Entertainment

Cold Weather Wine Entertainment

Congratulations to those of you on being a Wine Lover and Social Coordinator. You are part of an elite group that understand the marrying of a passion (wine) with sharing experiences with people. A great combination to help get through the winter and before you know it, it will be spring and this summer's festival season  will be close upon us.

Especially for those of you in northern climates, to help you during the March home stretch, I’d like to suggest a reasonable, yet fun entertainment opportunity.  Plan a weekend evening or two with some close, dear friends and plan dinner/hors d’oerves and a movie. Grab a wine video (DVD or streamed) and plan a casual evening. Some wine, some cheese and crackers, followed by a movie and then a tasting plus food and  you have a “set” gathering everyone will love.

Even if you have seen the movie before, sharing them with friends is a joy to experience. Probably better topic to discuss than politics or religion. Talk about the movie or talk about the wine … you can’t go wrong. 


Although these are somewhat standard, here’s a few movie suggestions and ideas to tie in to them:

  1. Sideways  –  although personally not one of my favorites, it is a classic.  Well viewed as a wine movie and for the impact it had on the Merlot wine industry. Commonly known as the Sideways effect (pinot noir sales went up). My suggestion. Open up a few Pinot Noirs before the movie and enjoy. Watch and then enjoy a wide range of merlots (4-6 various ones) and enjoy the discussion Merlot versus Pinot or merlot versus merlot. I fully enjoy merlot and it deserves more respect, find out for yourself. 
  2. SOMM  – This is a very interesting documentary on students attempting to pass the Master Sommelier (post nominal MS) of which there are currently only 230 in the world. Intriguing insight in to the world of wine and appreciation. Post movie, why not try a “simple blind taste” and appreciating how hard it really is. Pick 4 reds and/or whites. Tell everyone what the wine varietals are, but have them guess and name them. Remind competitive people, this is for “fun”.
  3. Bottle Shock – this is my favorite wine movie because I found it to be a fun and entertaining story whether you are in to wine or not. You will feel good at the end of this movie. About the now infamous, 1976 blind wine tasting often referred to as “Judgment of Paris”. Afterwards, open up an equal number of Napa wines alongside French wines and “judge” for yourself. Both white and red.    

Regardless what you select, you will have a very social evening with dear friends (and wine) and isn’t that what it is all about?

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