Wineries: Tasting Room Benefits, Sell More Wine

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Use VineyardFresh Institutional Size. Assures the quality of your wine is represented as you intended in your tasting room. Whether the tasting room is open only on weekends, everyday of the week or any number of days in between.

Keep VineyardFresh visible. Customers are visiting not only to taste but also learn. Having canisters visible creates curious inquries and a chance to demonstrate how it works. Learning about VineyardFresh becomes an added bit of knowledge and education.

Customers should learn that using VineyardFresh is not about saving wine. It is about opening and enjoying more and better bottles of wine ... because they can save! 


Help tasting room customers learn that they can open a bottle of wine anytime while the winery gains incremental added revenue from wine preservation sales.  At the same time help changing consumer habits to drink all bottles earlier and more often. Open whatever you want, whenever you want! Makes a great wine gift WITH a bottle of your wine.


Our travel size is perfect for wine gift baskets and winery Wine Clubs.  Ideal, as a wine club thank you item that helps encourage more wine consumption. Travel size is perfect for people on the go, whether boating, camping, or picnicking.

Small enough to place in a pocket or purse to use in restaurants in states with "merlot to go" laws (click here). Help customers drink responsibly and keep wine fresh before leaving the restaurant.

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