Why VineyardFresh is the Best Wine Preservation Option


Whether for personal or for business, you have the best understanding on what is most important for your wine preservation use. You also have to get the best bang for your buck and therefore you came to this page for a reason. Our role is to have wine preservation help solve your problem and fulfill your needs, however we also look forward to introduce more ways that wine preservation can be of greater benefit and value.

We are confident that VineyardFresh will prove to be the very best choice based on the overall value delivered.  After comparing efficacy, ease of use, space/portability,costs, as well as other factors that add value, you'll decide. 

Efficacy - 100% argon is growing in recognition as being the most effective wine preservation process and the best all around. VineyardFresh is one of a handful of 100% argon products. Products such as Coravin, Wine Saver Pro, Napa Technologies Wine Station, and Enomatic machines are other good examples. .

The beauty of argon gas is that it can go wherever the wine is to create the barrier. Argon is heavy and inert, so it settles on the wine and cannot impact any flavor or taste. No uncertainty of whether there is enough gas, enough work has been done, or whether there are any gaps that have allowed oxygen to effect the wine.

Although we hope that VineyardFresh earns a "shot", we encourage any decision made should end with a 100% argon preservation product. After all, you deserve the best.

Ease of Use -  Whether you are using VineyardFresh at home or commercially in a bar setting, since all that is needed is a barrier, just two bursts will do, no matter what volume of wine remains in a bottle. Spraying each bottle twice is close to doing nothing and certainly better than using manual vacuum products.

We love to demonstrate at wine events to the everyday person. People often watch with great anticipation and when we simply burst twice and stop ... they say "that's it"?

The answer is yes, spray and then re-cork or place any bottle stopper in place. This is to keep things from falling in to the bottle. Since the gas is heavy, the gas will remain until the wine is poured again.

Space/Portability- VineyardFresh takes up minimal space for any home counter or establishment.  Can be stored wherever wanted, whenever wanted (i.e. multiple bar locations). Keep it located where any wine may be served.

VineyardFresh is an instantaneous wine preservation "system" without the space normally associated with "systems".  We recommend canisters be left out on the counter. It can then be a reminder to use or conversation piece for guests/patrons. Alternatively, VineyardFresh can certainly or stored elsewhere if preferred (i.e. bar cabinet or pantry).

Restaurants can control or change the location at any time. For establishments such as a hotel or arena, a canister can be at every location where wine is sold/served. Canisters can be transported easily as needed. VineyardFresh is very flexible to use. For businesses also use outdoors, temporary bar sets, catering events and for consumers use on picnics, boats, when camping, or going to restaurants (drink responsibly and spray open bottles when taking advantage of re-corking laws (see merlot to go laws).

Cost -  VineyardFresh affords a very reasonable cost per use that also makes it an easy decision on whether you want to save a bottle or not. Buy a regular retail canister of VineyardFresh online at a $15 per canister and it will only cost consumers 30 cents or less to save a bottle of wine (online price $29.95 for two and each canister saves 50 bottles).

How does that compare to the cost of the wine being saved? Even half a bottle of a $9.99 bottle is $5. The higher the value of the bottle the more valuable VineyardFresh becomes and always at the same cost per save.

Restaurants cost per save drop to under 10 cents per use since they are eligible for wholesale pricing and they would use the institutional size for their wine by the glass use.

With VineyardFresh there are no "investment" costs. Evaluate whether other products have an investment and/or an operating cost. Is there a higher initial cost because of equipment or device purchase? With other products, is there an ongoing cost of gas replacement or rubber stoppers?  Some systems also may have replacement or maintenance costs. Not expecting any problems, however, they do happen. If they were to happen, consider repair and/or downtime. Probably more of a concern for commercial operations. VineyardFresh is always a great backup plan.

Why Consumers love using VineyardFresh (drink away .. whatever, whenever).

Why Restaurants love using VineyardFresh (higher margins, revenue and customer satisfaction .. what's not to love?).

Why Retailers love selling VineyardFresh (more bottles opened sooner ... all in!) 

Maybe best of all VineyardFresh offers a 100% guarantee ... so you have nothing to lose .. except wasted or bad wine!