VineyardFresh for Retailers

Keep Wine Fresh, Sell More Wine, Make More Profits!

VineyardFresh is becoming a favorite of retailers as it accomplishes these major retailer objectives and therefore make more money: 

1. Creates an incremental and potentially recurring retail sale at margins that can run in the 50% +/- range. 

2. Helps consumers enjoy and consume a greater variety and more expensive bottle(s) of wine. Although Coravin is cited, they use the exact same process (100% argon) as VineyardFresh, only we do it for a fraction of the cost and anyone can afford us. Helps Sell More Wine see here (read this Harvard Business Review article).

3. Create loyal clientele through education and ability to provide wine expertise. Be on the front end of a growing category and gain the benefit of initial sales and customer trust. 

Check out Dave and our comprehensive retail training video:


Do any of the "other" wine preservation companies support you, the retailer? When considering wine preservation options, think of the support you need or would like to have. Please review the list below.  Here's our VineyardFresh Top Ten reasons to think about:

  1. Do you know how all products actually work?
  2. Do you know why 100% argon (VineyardFresh and others) is the growing preferred wine preservation method?
  3. Do other companies just sell to you and expect you to sell their product or is there any potential marketing support available?
  4. Are you provided any display or merchandising or Point of Sale materials?
  5. Do you receive any promotional support or offers to promote the business.
  6. How broad of a market does your wine preservation offering reach? Just the wine customer themselves or might they buy it as a gift for others like themselves?
  7. Besides being incremental revenue, does your wine preservation afford recurring revenue?
  8. Compare your informational support, not just for you but your consumer. Is your suppliers website helping you and your customers?
  9. Does your wine preservation help focus on helping you sell more wine and even afford the opportunity to cross promote?
  10. Is your supplier readily available for any questions or have you ever had direct contact to figure how you might customize a program for your business?

Any questions or ready to order, then give us a call or email  at or 440.463.4663.

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