VineyardFresh for Restaurants

Keep Wine Fresh, Sell More Wine, Make More Profits!

Use VineyardFresh Institutional Size to dramatically increase your restaurant's wine revenue, profits, and customer satisfaction The Institutional size treats a minimum of 120 bottles and will keep your wine fresh for weeks at a cost of less than 10 cents per application (closer to 7 cents).

Watch this concise Food Promotions video to learn how simple it is:


This charts depicts actual results from a full service hotel restaurant:

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Three major positives happen for restaurants when using VineyardFresh:

  1. Margins Increase - since no waste due to oxidation
  2. Assured Customer Satisfaction – since no bad glasses are served or returned glasses from patrons occurs, repeat sales go up.
  3. Revenue Increases – restaurants sell more varieties and more expensive and profitable "wines by the glass" (WBTG). Sell what customers want.

It is not about the money you save, but about the money you make (because you can save, with zero waste). Any establishment that sells WBTG can create a major increase in their revenue/margin by simply offering the next higher level of wine. 

Helps restaurants sell a greater variety and more expensive bottle(s) of wine. Although Coravin is cited, they use the exact same process (100% argon) as VineyardFresh, only we do it for a fraction of the cost and anyone can afford us. Helps Sell More Wine to see how (read this Harvard Business Review article).

How much? This chart shows how much if you simply sold one glass per day.

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Every channel that sells wine by the glass can significantly benefit financially by using VineyardFresh. The reasonable price point and flexibility to use VineyardFresh makes wine preservation easy for every establishment to take advantage of. Here are some key examples:

Private Clubs - many are closed Mondays and during the off season closed additional days, slow mid week, busy on weekends. Higher end clientele wanting or expecting high end wines by the glass.

Hotels - multiple bar locations to serve wine, space limited, business hotels slow on weekends, resort hotels, slow off season or during the week

Restaurants - high end locations can offer more and very high end WBTG , mid and modest tier restaurants can offer special occasion wines and simply a better and more profitable offering.  

Miscellaneous -  Arenas/Catering/Convention Centers - wine may be sold sporadically for events where there may be big stretches in between. Although the upside profit opportunity may be significant, a lack of cost effective preservation may limit efforts to maximize sales potential.  Many times there may also be a restaurant facility associated with it that can takes advantage of wine preservation all year long. Cruise lines - multiple bars, plus consumer use in lockers or staterooms. Being able to save wine actually increases sales. People hold back when they worry about waste. Not any more! 

At a cost of pennies per application the Institutional Size treats up to 120 bottles and will keep your wine fresh for weeks.

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