VineyardFresh for Consumers

How long will my wine last? How can I effectively save my wine from going bad?  These are two of the most commonly asked questions by consumers like you who either are an experienced wine drinker or are part of those who are learning to enjoy wine .  Now you, have the optimum solution.

There are those of you who focus on finishing the whole bottle, and that is perfectly fine, except there are much more opportunities where a 750 ml bottle is not the perfect size for every occasion. Here are just some examples.

1  What about drinking more than one bottle, you do not need to save the first but how about the 2nd or 3rd?

2.  A couple, where one drinks red the other drinks white or

3. One drinks beer, one drinks wine or

4. Consider a friend who lives by themselves and enjoys wine but does not drink much at a time (a single gal during the week or or possibly an elderly person who enjoys wine yet just would like a little at a time)

5. There are many times we may be by ourselves and would just like a glass or two. Nice I can go for that $25 bottle and drink it several times rather than opening one at $7.99 that you will not enjoy as much. 

Think about having parties or your very own wine tasting where you would like to serve a variety of wines. Different styles and varietals.  When everyone leaves, now the wine can be savored over a period of time.

Customers may now also have the freedom to open up Ports, Sherries, Ice Wines, Dessert Wines, Vermouth, or Sake without worrying about waste. Use on much larger sizes

As an alternative application, use on specialty cooking oils, such as a truffle, walnut or sesame oil to prevent it from becoming rancid. Keep them in the dark (pantry) and a cool place to respectively help keep from sunlight or heat, while VIneyardFresh protects from oxygen. 

We understand that you should not be thinking of saving wine, however you should be thinking about enjoying and drinking more wine .... because you can save.