Take the VineyardFresh Challenge!

4 simple steps to the VineyardFresh Challenge:

Vinny wants you to take the VineyardFresh Challenge!

Vinny is so confident that you'll love the freedom and flexibility that comes from using VineyardFresh, he challenges you to enjoy more wine by keeping your wine fresh!

Here's the 4 Step Vinny VineyardFresh Challenge:

  • Buy a canister of VineyardFresh
  • Open a bottle of wine and enjoy a glass (or two)
  • Use VineyardFresh to keep your nice wine fresh
  • A day, several days, a week later (or longer!!), pour yourself and your friends a glass from that bottle and enjoy your wine again!

I guarantee that you will be pleased with the results or my boss will give you your money back!

With my money back guarantee, you've got nothing to lose (except ever having a bad glass of wine again due to oxidation). 

Oh ...one more thing …. Do not be surprised, as stated on my label… FULL CANS FEEL EMPTY!

Enjoy your wine.