Early November - Tis the start of the Season

As we finish raking up the leaves, we know that the fun (although often dreaded) holiday gifting season is right around the corner. What to buy for friends, family, and clients becomes the daunting challenge.

Well, for so many adults, the answer for you could and possibly should be right here! Virtually any wine drinker will benefit from using and/or learning about 100% argon VineyardFresh Wine Preserver. Made in the USA, the gift of VineyardFresh could be for themselves or for other wine drinkers they know. After all, wine preservation and using VineyardFresh is not actually about saving wine, but about enjoying more and better bottles ... because you can save.

Consider these potential people in your lives and how valuable the gift of quality wine preservation would be for them.

Holiday Party Host/Hostess - he/she wants to be the great host and offer a variety of wine options, but holds back. No longer. Open as many as they want. when the party is over, simply use VineyardFresh and save the wine to drink many days later.   

Clients - You want to say thank you and get the "right" message across, however you want to manage your budget and/or realize that gift acceptance over a certain dollar amount may limit options. With VineyardFresh you can win either way. At a $10 -$15 per unit price point, simply send as gift or add a bottle(s) of wine as part of a wine gift basket or wine gift box at just the right price. 

Single woman - loves her wine, but lives alone and only drinks occasionally during the week. With VineyardFresh, now she opens that better bottle or two and enjoys some now and some later .. on her terms (just as she deserves).

Split Household - one likes reds and one likes whites, or one prefers beer or hard liquor or maybe one does not/cannot really drink. It is like having two single people in the same household. VineyardFresh allows everyone two have what they want and enjoy the balance later. You can certainly do so, however, no feeling compelled to drink the same bottle.

Elderly parent or health restricted wine lover - loves their wine , yet can only drink a little at a time  based on volume or doctors orders. Problem solved.

Think you always drink the whole bottle .. well maybe for you, VineyardFresh is for that 2nd or 3rd bottle. Also use on specialty cooking oils to protect them from oxidation. Happy Holidays from all of us at VineyardFresh. 

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