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How do I know when my can of VineyardFresh is empty?

Great question! Since Argon is a gas, your can of VineyardFresh will feel super light and "airy" the first day you receive it. But - don't worry. If you go to spray the argon wine preserver into your open bottle of red wine, and you hear the "phfft phfft" - you're good! The "phfft phfft" sound is the 100% argon gas wine preserver gliding gently on top of that nice bottle of red wine you just opened, blanketing the top of the wine with a cuddly protective layer that keeps your wine fresh. BUT...if you go to spray VineyardFresh into your wine and don't hear anything.....don't panic! It is time to buy a new can of VineyardFresh. Like right now....

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