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12 Days to Christmas (or #2 of 12 reasons for VineyardFresh to be your wine preserver)

I have been talking this up quite a bit so you'll have to pardon me if I repeat myself, however, with the holidays comes entertaining. Whether it is for family or friends, we all want people to have the best time and best experience possible. So, as a result, you are trying to figure out the wine choices. We all have had the experience of opening a bunch of bottles and then everyone leaves. In their wake, they leave behind varying degrees of open bottles. Some half full some less than half, and maybe even some barely touched.  Not that you can't plan to drink them, but not all at once. Everybody appreciates having options and now, thanks to the...

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Holiday Entertaining

It "tis the season" and so it is no surprise that I have been getting a lot of questions surrounding wine and holiday entertaining. What should I serve? How do I know the wine is good? What would you recommend? All are legitimate and it simply represents the challenges and issues that face a majority of us when it comes to wine. We are all very sensitive to wanting to be good hosts and hostesses, pleasing others, while trying to exhibit some sense of knowledge and/or sophistication. Well let's starts with my first recommendation and that is "be your wine self". What I mean by that, is simply be no more and no less than who you are in relation...

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