It’s October … time for some Theming Inspiration


For those of you new to our News Blog, get ready to hear up on a variety of thoughts and ideas relating to wine. This month, it is hard to ignore the message of Halloween with this blog and the topic of wine “theming”.  I have to credit the folks at Wine Cooler Direct and Forbes for planting the idea and some of the info related here. Enjoy and try a variety wines due to theme and not pretense, price or preference. Helps us all try new!

Theming your wines can actually occur anytime of the year. It just requires a little time and planning. Wineries have started to make it a little easier with the vast and creative variety of labels and brands.

Since it is October we are going with the obvious, however, there are numerous other ideas we can cover in the future that may be fit any time of year (i.e. Rock and Roll, Funny Sayings, etc.* )  In its own way, Halloween acts as a kickoff to the entire holiday season. All one has to do is start walking in to stores in late August and September we already start seeing the signs of fall with Halloween displays popping up.

Granted it is usually candy and costumes, however, there is no reason not to get a head start on preparing for some adult fun. Keep in mind, that any gathering from now until Monday, is a great tie in time for Halloween themed wines.

We always want to make wine drinking fun as well as a great learning opportunity. Not all the wines themed are just marketed wines. There are some real winners to be found whether due to straight up quality/taste or whether by value for the dollar (good wine/modest cost). The trick is to try.

Here’s a start up wine list to consider. Please find your own or better yet make your October event/party one where you challenge your guests to each bring a bottle where the label ties in to Halloween .. and then let the fun begin.

Vampire Cabernet Sauvignon                             19 Crimes

Ghostly White Chardonnay                                  Zombie Zin

Trueblood Wine                                                      Purple Death

Black Cat                                                                 Killibinbin Scream Shiraz

Bone Dry Cabernet                                                Stingy Jacks Pumpkin Wine

Bogle – Phantom                                                    Poizon

Stay tuned with our new site .. more blogs coming!

*to be covered in a future edition

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