Thank Goodness its November 18 and not Dec. 18 .. just do not let it become that!

We have all been there, but let's hope not this year. You know the feeling ... we have the kids gifts taken cared of and then we are on to the adult friends, family, or hostess gifting.

Being the wine lovers we are, we love to share our experience but do we know what friends “really” like? Even those we know that drink wine? Do they like red or whites? Sweet or dry? Californian, French,  Italian? The options are endless and you’d like to make it work.  Here some reasonably priced and practical use ideas to try to help. 


  1. Decorative bottle stoppers – these can be fun and, with a little creativity personalized. Shop on line or visit a display in any store handing wine accessories and you’ll come up with ideas. Pictured are 2 versions. The Crab (retails for $19.99) and the Love ($3.99). I’m originally from Maryland and the crab would fit right in. Use the same if you want to tease a friend about their personality? Love certainly has a universal theme around it.
  2. Wine charms – as noted these too can be whimsical and personal. Avoids confusion on whose glass is whose and fewer extra glasses get used (hence fewer get washed).
  3. Wine glasses – these can always come in handy and can come in various modes, shapes, sizes and price ranges. A unique idea is to purposefully provide a variety set of glassware. All different. Serves two purposes. One .. different glasses are now on hand for different wines and two … instead of the charms mentioned above, the glasses can become their own identifier.
  4. VineyardFresh 100% argon wine preserver - We are becoming an everyday "gotta have", because although all the above have a purpose, we actually help people drink and enjoy more and better wine. 


No matter what, depending on your ‘end price point, you can always include a bottle of wine as part of the gift. Does not have to be expensive, may be something different that people rarely think to try. I love trying new varietals and there are very reasonable priced ones such as a Tempranillo from Spain or Torrentes from Argentina or a Pinotage from South Africa.  Hey it’s only a bottle and it is a gift and who’s going to be brand conscious with it .. they’ll be wine conscious!

Be sure to gift wrap and include a personal note relating to the gift given (i.e. “ I hope you’ll use this often and think of me/us everytime” or “I know you are adventuresome, here’s another adventure”). Throw in a canister of VineyardFresh wine preserver and they’ll have the total wine gift.

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