How To: Determine the Best Wine Preservation Method for You

Factors to Judge When Thinking About Wine Preservation:

Since this is what we do and who we are, it only makes sense that we address this early. Here's what we recommend you consider in selecting the best wine preservation product for you.

  • Efficacy: the most important attribute of any preservation product. If it works to a limited degree or not at all is it worth anything? Understand how they work and the science behind them. Testimonials may or may not help (are they true?are they paid for? or honest?) 
  • Ease of Use : Having wine preservation is one thing, using wine preservation another. We all have varying degrees of willingness to use products based on a combination of the value/benefit and the amount of effort involved. On many products, the time/value combination of using the item does not work. If that is the case, then it is quite possible that a product sits and is never used.
  • Space Utilization/Portability: Do you have a location or place for the wine preservation product/system? Does it use the desired amount of space? Can you use the system in more than one place or even take it with you.
  • Costs: there are several key factors here. One is the cost per use. Simply, what does it cost to save a bottle of wine? How does that compare to the cost of the wine being saved?

While you're here, consider buying VineyardFresh today. Go ahead and start searching options on your own. Wait long enough and we'll share a list next week in our next "how to" along with our comments.

For an even deeper dive, read our article on what to look for in your wine preserver.

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