2016 Fun Facts to Know and Tell

It is good to share some statistics of interest. Keep them in mind the next time you are out socially whether dining or event … what do you see? They say “numbers do not lie” though they can be interpreted though many ways. Overall, I’d say it is pretty “spot” on.

These facts noted by * are according to the Wine Market Council as reported by Wine and Vines Paul Franson. My comments are in ( )

* Millennials Catch Boomers in Wine Consumption - millennial drinkers have caught up with baby boomers as the boomers’ wine consumption has begun to drop (come on Boomers, get your game up! ... of course we should be talking quality versus quantity)

* More than half the wine consumers are women, in fact 56% of wine drinkers are women (you go girl! …marketers of wine really need to pay close attention and understand this difference)

* That rises to 66% women among high-frequency millennial drinkers (you really go girl! … great future in wine if they stick with it .. take care of them).

* Upcoming is the iGeneration with 61 million, none of whom were legal drinkers until this year (might explain some of the new wine gadgets with apps tied in .. these newbies are pretty sizable demo but  a wild card … how will they be influenced?)

* The Wine Market Council finds 37% of U.S. consumers don’t consume alcohol (can’t say I know too many people in this category, however, interesting to know).

I leave you with one very interesting fact that comes from what I have found not covered or discussed. The US is one of VERY FEW countries where the drinking age for beer and wine is 21 (or older). What would happen if it went to 18 or 19?   

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