Preserve or not to preserve .. that is the question? Tis it nobler ..

A collection of wine bottles

Last blog we talked about oxidation. We now know what it is and how bad it can be for our wine, now what can we do about it? Preserve it? Here are a few thoughts …

In order to decide, we all make “value” judgments and deserve to make the best one for ourselves. What we hope everyone experiences, is that with quality wine preservation, each of us has the freedom to drink what we want, when we want without the worry of waste or degradation in the wine.  

The best form of wine preservation, we realize, is not having a need in the first place (as in drinking the whole bottle). However, there are multiple situations that we do not think of everyday, where, maybe, just maybe, drinking that whole bottle is not preferred. For example, if we have had a little too much to drink (especially if driving) or we simply are done enjoying a particular wine and want to go on to the next. In the latter, it could be a different wine to go with another part of a meal, or possibly simply drinking something different.

In these instances, if you can preserve the wine for another occasion, knowing it will be kept fresh, then it is a great situation. Decisions should be made based on value. The decision incorporates efficacy, price of preservation, ease of use, and length of preservation time to name a few. All of us are capable to quickly determine if we’d like to preserve our wine or not.  The key is having the knowledge that you can (effectively and economically) preserve your wine if you like.

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