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Hello and as Yogi Berra would say "This is like Deja Vu all over again"! Friends, fans and all the rest, welcome to our new and improved VineyardFresh website!

As the leading wine preservation solution, we wanted to improve the benefit and value of the VineyardFresh website. We have and will continue to make a number of changes. Here are some of the highlighted items for you to look for:

  • This blog is old but will be new. New varied content, look for a wide range of topics to be covered and archived every week
  • Vinny is everywhere... everywhere to help you hear about new and valuable VineyardFresh information. Check out Vinny's his bullet point info by category and his ever important "where to buy" information. Whether you are a consumer looking to keep your wine fresh at home, a retailer or a restaurant, we have space set aside for you to get the information you want and need.
  • Be sure to click on to our fun celebrity VineyardFresh collection. This will be updated regularly and introduce you to many of the wonderful people in the wine and culinary world. 

It is important for us that you know that we welcome your ideas, comments and feedback anytime, just send an email to 

VineyardFresh always "Keeps Wine Fresh!™"

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