12 Days to Christmas (or #7 of 12 reasons for VineyardFresh to be your wine preserver)

So, from yesterday's blog, you did not think (or know) about using VineyardFresh for all those "wines" not normally thought of? That's O.K. you certainly are not alone. It's why you are reading these blogs to expand your knowledge and awareness.

I'm going to add an entirely new category to the valuable benefit of preventing oxidation that  VineyardFresh can provide. Specialty Cooking Oils and Balsamic Vinegar's, and the often forgotten, Cooking Wine (i.e. only use a couple of cups of Marsala and then what?) If you are "in" to wine, there is a reasonably good chance that you are "in" to culinary as well and therefore the value of having VineyardFresh on hand or giving it as gift is expanded.


Your high quality oils and balsamic's are not cheap. Unless you are a restaurant, for most products, you may use only a limited amount, for a specific occasional recipe or two. In the meantime, the oil or vinegar sits .. waiting to be called on again.  

Oxygen is the enemy of anything prone to oxidation. In fact there are essentially three things that can affect many 'living" liquid food products. Temperature, light, and oxygen.

So for these specialty products and to retain their flavor profile and characteristics (i.e. truffle, walnut and sesame oils, etc) and to maximize your product quality and life expectancy, do these three things. One, store in a cool and dark place (protects against UV light and temperature changes) and spray with VineyardFresh before storing to prevent oxidation. Done! 


Two (2) sprays of VineyardFresh (phfft, phfft) made from 100% argon and you get to enjoy this same bottle AGAIN!  30 cents or less to save a bottle of wine or specialty oil ... you decide. Reminder FULL CAN FEELS EMPTY!  

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