12 Days to Christmas (or #5 of 12 reasons for VineyardFresh to be your wine preserver)

Don't these women look happy!  Why(ine) not?


I was exhibiting at a consumer food and wine festival in the Washington DC area a number of years ago. These type of events are attended by a large number of people who usually are there to sample as many wines as they can possibly can for the price of their ticket.

These events will generally run 3-4 hours and attendees will slosh and swirl and generally have a fabulous time of it. I enjoy watching as people enjoy themselves. At the beginning of an event like this I know to stand back and not get in the way of the drinkers and their wine. After an hour or so, however, people settle down and now are continuing to drink, but at that point they are ready to look and learn as well.

As regularly happens, I'll get a group of people curious as to how VineyardFresh works. More than I care to mention, however are in their "I'm a big drinker" mode and have to remark about proudly drinking the whole bottle. I "get" it, however try to find "fun" ways to tease them on what they may be missing out (i.e. 2nd bottle or 3rd).

I'll cite different situations never thought about. One of those situations are singles (quite often women), who recognize they might like a glass or two during the week, but not everyday. One group came by and one gal became VERY interested. As I explained it, she noted she was single and that the situation i desribed fit her to a tee. She paused and several seconds later raised the canister and announced to her friends " Every single woman in Washington ought to have one of these!".  We certainly would agree. 

Remember, even if only a little remains, then 2 sprays of VineyardFresh (phfft, phfft) made from 100% argon and you get to enjoy this same bottle AGAIN! 25 cents or less to save a bottle of wine ... you decide.

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