12 Days to Christmas (or #4 of 12 reasons for VineyardFresh to be your wine preserver)

There is still time for you to take care of those clients or potential clients that you would like to thank them for the business or considering you for their business.

Something not "over the top". Something within the general price range of acceptability that companies have for employees to receive gifts. Yet something unique, different and maybe even conversational.

You may be aware there is a wine interest, but have a hesitation to have anything alcoholic given as a gift. VineyardFresh fits the area of interest, while not delving in to those uncharted waters. The fact that VineyardFresh works on specialty cooking oils as well (to be talked about in a future "Days to Christmas"), places is  it as a culinary tool as well.


Figure the price point and delivery means best for you. A retail 2 pack can be easily ordered and shipped direct to your client on your behalf ($29.95 plus shipping and handling, $15 per canister .. free shipping over $50).  A retail 12 pack case can be shipped to your office and you can send/give one at a time with a personal note ($149.95 plus free shipping, $12.50 per canister).  

2 sprays of VineyardFresh (phfft, phfft) made from 100% argon and clients get to enjoy this same bottle AGAIN! 30 cents or less to save a bottle of wine ... you decide. Each regular retail canister saves a minimum of 50 bottles. Reminder FULL CAN FEELS EMPTY?

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