12 Days to Christmas (or #1 of 12 reasons for VineyardFresh to be your wine preserver)

Day #1 (reason #1) : Do not fool yourself, this is ALL about you .. and should be!

Should I? Shouldn't I? Should I? Shouldn't I? .. what the heck, it's the holidays, we all want to open that special bottle of wine for ourselves, but we hesitate. Why? Well we do because we if we are by ourselves and do not finish it, we may not get to fully enjoy the whole bottle and we do not want any to go to waste.

This is my personal, absolutely favorite reason for having VineyardFresh around. With VineyardFresh on hand, anyone can open and drink whatever they want, whenever they want. Their option, however, one can enjoy that great bottle a second or a third time if desired!  I actually plan it that way. By the time I get to my 3rd glass of wine, my tasting turns in to drinking and I am not appreciating the wine in the same fashion. Better that I save it for another day. 

I considered having an expensive wine one day, similar to what is pictured here, decided to open it (because I had VF).  Had a glass and a half and loved it. Knew I was traveling out of town for the next 4 days, but arranged to have a friend come over when I returned and WE finished it off. Great use of our own product  

A full bottle is not the exact right size for absolutely every occasion (there may always be another bottle). Even if only a little remains, then 2 sprays of VineyardFresh (phfft, phfft) made from 100% argon and you get to enjoy this same bottle AGAIN! 30 cents or less to save a bottle of wine ... you decide. Reminder FULL CAN FEELS EMPTY!

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